Be physically active

Being physically active can improve your health and lower your risk of developing many diseases such as cancer. In the NWT, 42.6% of people aged 15 years or older report being inactive. Physical activity can have short-term and long-term health benefits, improving the quality of life. 

What does exercise do for us as part of a healthy lifestyle? 

  • Reduce blood pressure 

  • Improve resistance to infection 

  • Regulate blood sugar levels 

  • Help regulate bowel movements 

  • Help improve digestion 

Many activities can help you achieve your daily exercise goals. For example: 

  • Chopping wood 

  • Traditional dance and games 

  • Hunting 

  • Canoeing or kayaking 

  • Playing organized sports such as volleyball, basketball or soccer 

  • Lifting weights 

  • Practicing yoga 

  • Running, walking or hiking 

  • Bicycling 

Please talk to your doctor before participating in physical activities.