Cancer Communication Materials

The materials below were developed by the Department of Health and Social Services. Feel free to use them in your community, or contact us to request copies.

Cancer Sharing Circle Reports

Cancer sharing circles facilitate open discussion about cancer in a safe environment. The objectives of cancer sharing circles are:

  1. To give community members the opportunity to voice their concerns and share their stories about cancer;
  2. To enhance community knowledge and awareness of cancer and how it impacts community members; and
  3. To motivate community members to initiate their own activities to address barriers and gaps they face in cancer care and support.

Breaking the Silence: Report on the Inuvialuit Settlement Region Cancer Sharing Circle (January 2015)

Believe in Our Healing Journey: Report on the Dehcho Cancer Sharing Circle (September 2013) 

It’s Never Too Late to Start: Report on the Fort Resolution Community Cancer Sharing Session (August 2012)  

Let the Tree Grow, Not Cancer: Report on the Fort Good Hope Community Cancer Sharing Session (June 2012) 

If you would like to learn more about hosting a cancer sharing circle, please click here or contact us.


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Community Champions


Listen to CKLB Radio with Deputy Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Kami Kandola and Yellowknife community member and health advocate Roy Erasmus as they speak about smoking and lung cancer (Short excerpt, November 2014).


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Other Publications

Cancer in the Northwest Territories 2001-2010 

Cancer in the Northwest Territories 1990-2000: A Descriptive Report 

Fort Good Hope Community Cancer Information (2012)