Colorectal Cancer Screening

The fecal immunochemical test (FIT) is a simple test used to screen for colorectal cancer among people with an average risk of developing cancer. FIT kits are available at all health centers and health cabins for patients to take home. Colorectal cancer screening is recommended every 1 to 2 years for men and women aged 50-74 years. If colorectal cancer is part of your family history, you are considered to have a higher risk of developing cancer and should begin screening at age 40, or ten years earlier than the youngest age when colorectal cancer was diagnosed in the family, whichever comes first. In this case, the screening tool is the colonoscopy, an exam that finds abnormalities in the colon.  

If you or a family member has already had cancer, or you are experiencing any unusual signs or symptoms, discuss your options for cancer screening with your health care provider. You could be eligible for different screening tests, or screening at an earlier age. 

The FIT kit comes with a test card, long brush, waste bag, and mailing envelope. There are no diet requirements to complete the FIT. Always follow the instructions provided with the kit to collect your samples. 

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