Helpful Links

Department of Health and Social Services, Government of Northwest Territories  

Visit the Department’s website for information and resources to learn about ways to lead a healthy lifestyle in the NWT.

NWT Quitline, 1-866-286-5099

Smoke from cigarettes, marijuana, or other drugs is a primary cause of cancer. Cigarette smoking alone is responsible for more than 85% of lung cancers across Canada, and is either a direct cause or a contributing factor in many other cancers such as colorectal, cervical, breast, and prostate cancers. Although non-smokers can also develop cancers, preventing or quitting smoking is the single most important way to decrease your overall risk of cancer.

The NWT Quitline is a toll-free, confidential telephone helpline for people who want to quit smoking. Services include:

  • Tobacco cessation counselling;
  • Personalized call-back program;
  • Information material;
  • Translation services for all NWT languages; and
  • Telephone helpline 24 hours a day, every day.

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

The Canadian Partnership Against Cancer works with other health related organizations to improve the services available (screening, research, treatment delivery, etc.) for those affected by cancer.

Lung Cancer Canada

Lung Cancer Canada promotes awareness about lung cancer and provides information and support for people with lung cancer.

@YourSide Colleague

One of the key initiatives of the Saint Elizabeth First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Program is @YourSide Colleague, a secure web-based learning and knowledge-sharing program that provides many internet-based health courses (including Cancer Care) to First Nations communities. All of the courses were developed in collaboration with community-based health care providers from participating First Nation communities and are offered at no cost to the communities.

Union for International Cancer Control

The Union for International Cancer Control aims to bring together various individual cancer organizations together to fight cancer on a global scale.


LIVESTRONG provides cancer information and support for patients and survivors.

Helpful Books Related to Cancer:

  1. Cancer Fighting Kitchen by Rebecca Katz
  2. Mindfulness Based Guide to Cancer Recovery by Linda Carlson
  3. The Definitive guide to Cancer-an integrative approach to prevention, treatment and healing by Dr Lise Alshuler
  4. Picking up the Pieces – moving forward after surviving cancer by Sherri Macgee
  5. Man Cancer Sex by Anne Katz
  6. Woman Cancer Sex by Anne Katz

Center for Mindfulness

Want help to reduce stress? Download these resources for guided audio files to practice mindfulness based stress reduction.