Community Action Toolkit

Do you want to organize a group or activity to address cancer needs in your community? Are you wondering how to get started? Look here for some tips and tools. The templates below are free for you to use and adapt as needed.

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Project management

Raising awareness about cancer

Creating support in your community

Goba Group in Fort Good Hope

The Goba Group emerged from growing community concerns around cancer. Formally established after the Fort Good Hope cancer sharing circle in 2012, Goba is a group of committed resident volunteers dedicated toward addressing cancer awareness. The group has a diverse membership including wellness coordinators, store managers, health care providers, elders and youth.

Goba meaning Light of the Horizon, completed their first 5 year strategic plan in April of 2015, identifying the following priorities:

  1. Promote talking about cancer;
  2. Support community members to make healthy lifestyle choices that reduce their risk of cancer;
  3. Improve cancer screening rates in the community;
  4. Increase the support available to cancer patients, their families, and the whole community;
  5. Promote the importance of holistic health and healing, including traditional medicine and culture.

To learn more about the Goba Group in Fort Good Hope, please visit their Facebook page or contact K’asho Got’ine Wellness Coordinator, 867-678-5711.